Thursday, October 12, 2006

Change is a Four Letter Word

It's funny how the meanings of words change over time.

"Nine-Eleven" used to refer to a Porsche.

"Bad" first meant "bad", then it meant "good". I'm not sure what it means now.

"Wicked" used to mean "evil" then it meant "awesome!"

Pimp used to refer to one who made a living off the sex-trade of others. Now it's a verb meaning to supe-up, upgrade, accessorize. You know, like Pimp My Ride, Pimp That Snack, Pimp My Com .com, Pimp MySpace, Pimp My Church, and for you Mac lovers: Pimp My Safari.

Just do a Google search for "Pimp my" and you'll get a ton of results that have nothing to do with prostitution.

A few weeks ago I was in CompuSmart killing time. This young woman walks in and starts looking at the Macs. I'm an unofficial Apple salesman, so I walk up to her and ask if she's thinking about getting one. She tells me her current Windows box is having trouble with "a rather cantankerous wireless network" and is getting old and may need replacing. So I launch into my sales routine where I start extolling the virtues of Macs.

As I'm showing her some of the stuff they can do, a CompuSmart salesman walks up and asks if he can help. This rather proper young woman says "Oh, he's just pimping your products."

On the flip side, "Ass" used to be a donkey. (There's a Christmas carol that has that word in it and I have to fight back laughter every time I sing it in church.) Apparently some of our swear words used to be clean words, like @#$@, and ^&#$.

Can you think of any other words that have changed meanings over the years?

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Anonymous said...

Sooo, if you were to say that you were gay while pimping the church basement, and that those attending thought that it was bad...then the old folks wouldn't get the drift?