Friday, December 15, 2006

How's the Weather Down There?

So I'm finally recovering from my cold now. My voice is slowly coming back. My nasal congestion is slowly clearing. So today my plan was to come home from work and finally take it easy, breath (somewhat) clearly.

Instead I come home and there's Bruce and Robin greeting me. They tell me "We're evicting you from the basement."


"There was a flood in the kitchen which caused it to rain in the basement."


I walk into the kitchen and the floor is all shiny. It looks like it had been cleaned. They lead me down to the basement. They have all these buckets set up collecting water. Sopping wet towels strewn all over the place. As I approached the bottom of the stairs to the basement I realized taking my socks off would be a good idea.

The rugs downstairs are all wet. My boxes of books are wet. Some of my papers are wet. My Pocket Idiot's Guide To Chemistry is wet. Thankfully the water missed my computer and other electronics, my guitar, and my bedroom cubicle.

The couch in the basement is two thirds wet and one third dry. So we spent the evening cleaning it all up, moving the drenched rugs upstairs to dry off. We have 4 or 5 fans running downstairs. The dehumidifier is working overtime.

It turns out that a connection in the pipe that takes water to the dishwasher corroded away. The pipe came undone, and wanter was just shooting out of the pipe into the cupboard under the kitchen sink, onto the kitchen floor, and down into the basement.

Right now we have a fruit fly infestation. They mostly hang out around the kitchen sink. In order to get rid of them we can't leave food lying out, or dirty dishes in the sink. So now there's a requirement to do dishes ASAP instead of letting them sit in the sink until whenever.

Now we're washing all the dishes by hand until we can get the pipe fixed.

That'll learn me to make plans to relax in the evening.

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