Friday, August 31, 2007

We Should Try And Meet The Farmers Half-Way

Today's article warns of an impending cost-of-meat increase. This is a result of two things:
  1. More people on the Earth means more people eating meat. Demand is rising. When demand increases, so does price.

  2. Meat giving animals (such as cows and pigs) need to eat grain. The price of grain is increasing because oil prices are increasing.
The first thing I think about is cutting back on meat consumption. I'm not sure what the effects on my health would be. I'm not a dietician, nor do I play one on TV. So I don't really know what I'm talking about. But it seems to be that the people who have researched it come back saying that we should eat less meat, not more. Same thing with milk. It seems that anyone who's research of milk has gone beyond "mom/teacher/the Dairy Council told me" has switched to Soy milk.

People who continue to eat meat, despite what they're told by the educated vegetarians usually have a line of reasoning similar to:
  1. I like meat too much to try any alternatives.

So, every now and again I think about becoming a vegetarian. I've had tofu-dogs where I couldn't tell the difference. If all meat alternatives were like that I probably would switch. But then a few weeks ago the McQueens had a BBQ and they got vegeburgers. I tried one.


I could barely finish it. There goes my notions of vegetarianism.

Mind you, there are various kinds of vegetarians. I used to go with a friend to KFC every week for about a year. Then one time we were at a BBQ together and I noticed she wasn't eating anything. I asked why not. She told me she was a vegetarian.

So I was all like "What, there's no meat in KFC "chicken"?"

She said "It's not that. I just don't eat red meat."

If anything I could give up chicken. But I like red meat. It goes with red wine.

But giving up chicken doesn't solve today's problem. In fact it would place heavier demand on cows and pigs. A good alternative is fish.

I could not give up fish. Especially in the form of sushi. Fish has the advantage that it lives in an area that we can't really use for much else (unlike fields). And there's lots of that environment around. Most of the earth is that environment. Fish also eat stuff that we won't use for much else. So until more carbon dioxide leaves the ocean, killing ocean plant-life, starving, and thus killing, fish, it's a pretty good source of meat.

Fish is supposed to be good brain food. Maybe if I ate more fish I could make more sense out of the meat/vegetarian and milk/soy milk arguments and cut through the rhetoric and figure out the truth.

Besides, I like fish too much to try any alternatives.


CNaphan said...

My suggestion is to find out what people eat in poor countries and do likewise. Rice, potatoes, beans, vegetables and a tiny bit of meat, usually in soup or stew. It's healthy, cheap and easy.

For health and strength, our bodies do not need more than a few ounces of meat per week.

As for tofu-meat-substitutes, I think they are awful. They are unnatural and expensive. If you want a veggie burger, just mash up some boiled lentils, fry it and throw it on a bun.

Anonymous said...

I gave up cows and pigs over 40 years ago. A doctor once told me that the only thing he could do was give me a LONG list of things I wouldn't get as a result.

Just as soon eat a chair...

However, soya milk - YUK!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first post. Find some good Indian vegetarian recipes. Or stir fry some vegetables with tofu chinese style. Or make a stew or chile with beans and vegetables.

Visit your library and find some good ethnic cookbooks.

hollymeister said...

Studies have shown that over use of soy products has toxic effects on people too.
Replacing red meat with fish, also increases heavy metal content in your body such as mercury.
There are up sides and down sides to everything we eat. The key is moderation. Have some of everything in moderation, never totally give up something because everything has benefits and the studies that come out are always showing different things.