Monday, December 03, 2007

If You Can't Stand The Heat...

...then come over to our house.

I woke up in a very cold bed this morning. It's November and the weather is getting cooler out, so I thought nothing of the coldness.

When I returned home from work I was greeted at the door by Robin who told me the furnace had died. Wendy said that the house had finally warmed up to 17 from 14. Cooking dinner served to heat the kitchen.

Last night at about 1:30 AM as I was out cold (if you'll excuse the pun) the furnace made a buzzing sound. I did not hear it even though I sleep somewhat close to it. Wendy heard it from her bedroom upstairs. After a brief buzzing sound all went silent. The motor had given up the ghost.

Wendy called the furnace repairman. He had a list of houses to get to first. By the time he got here it was about 9:00 PM. He came downstairs and looked at the furnace. He told us the motor had burnt out and he'd have to go back into Ottawa to get a new one. Then he would return and install it. So it's at least an hour to go to Ottawa and back. Then it'll be an hour or so to replace the part.

He left here at about 9:30. So he won't be back until probably 10:45 at the very earliest. So, we can't expect the job to be done until 11:45. It has been suggested I sleep in Bruce's room. There will be no sleep for me in the basement. I doubt it's a quiet job to replace the motor.

I just took a trip up to Bruce's room. It's flipping freezing up there!

So, here are my options. I can either stay up late and sleep in a quasi warm basement, or I can go to bed soon and sleep in a really cold room. But I can sleep now, instead of 2 hours from now.

What would you do?

UPDATE: The furnace guy returned, installed the new motor, left us with a large bill, and left. I went to bed at about midnight that night.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be several concepts missing here: 1. Furnace maintenance contract, which is a LOT cheaper than even on repair visit; and 2. the allied concept of annual furnace maintenance. Historically, this is clearly outside the McQueen approach to things but...

CNaphan said...

It's -35 here so, while I sympathize with your woes, I find it difficult to conjure up the ol' salty eye-dew.