Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm An Artist Too (53)

There will be no coffee cup art this week because somebody can't appreciate real art when they see it.

Whenever I get a styrofoam container I draw on it. I leave it on my desk at work. After I've accumulated enough I take pictures and upload them to my blog to show you on Wednesday's Coffee Cup Art series.

Since I moved to my new job I don't have access to as many places that give out blank styrofoam containers like I did at my old job. I have to go back to my old workplace to get some. I started doing just that. I have to pass my old work place on the way to my new work place. If I pass by my old work place early enough I stop in for breakfast, which leaves with a coffee cup to draw on.

So I started collecting again. I had drawn a pirate on Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19. I came into work yesterday morning and noticed that my coffee cups were gone! I'm assuming that the cleaning staff threw them out.

This is my message to the person who threw out my coffee cups:
What? You don't know art when you see it? Huh? I don't go into your house and throw your paintings away.



Greg said...


Truly this person does not appreciate the arts.

In fact, they probably steal candy from babies when they get home from the sweatshop they run.

Andrew said...

You think Kathy Lee Gifford stole my coffee cup art?