Friday, June 06, 2008

Now We Only Have One National Anthem

According to Today's Article the CBC is dropping the Hockey Night In Canada theme song they've had for 30 years. This has many Hockey fans dismayed. (Check out the number of comments at the bottom of the article!) Heck! I'm not even a hockey fan - I don't even know how many innings are in a game of hockey - and I'm dismayed!

That theme song, aside from being my cell-phone ring-tone for about 3 years, is considered Canada's unofficial national anthem. They're getting rid of our unofficial national anthem! I'm sure more people know the words to that song than the official anthem.

I'd wager that CBC is doing this to generate outcry from the people. The CBC will eventually give in. Then they'll keep using the theme. That way, we'll appreciate it more. We'll thank the CBC the same way you thank the police officer for knocking your speeding ticket down by 10 km/h.

Although, it kinda makes sense if you think about it. We're loosing our unofficial national anthem, which is associated with one of our two national sports - hockey. At the same time, we're loosing our hockey teams (and players) to the states.

Now that I've gotten an emotional reaction out of you, and caused you to make up your mind that the people running the CBC are a bunch of moonshine-swilling baboons, I'll confuse you with some facts.

The company that licenses that theme to the CBC is suing the CBC for $ 2.5 million for using the song too often. For the $500 per game fee the CBC pays, they're allowed to play it only during hockey games shown within Canada. They allege the CBC has been using it for games shown outside of Canada, and in other programming. Perhaps this has something to do with the CBC ditching our secondary national anthem?

UPDATE: You may resume think of the CBC management as a bunch of moonshine-swilling baboons. They let the anthem get away. CTV bought the rights to the music. CTV owns TSN.

Now that we can continue to hear the music, I suspect no one will boycott the CBC. We, the people, have been appeased. Besides, people are way to obsessed with hockey. The devotion of the fans has lead to a hockey season of, what feels like, 14 months every year. And that's before the play-offs. The market exists to allow that to happen. With that market, no theme song is going to stop people from watching.

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