Friday, September 29, 2006


Western culture is hardly atheistic. Most people believe in some higher power; be it God, Allah, Jesus, or misc. Most people don't have much of a problem with that. But an awful lot of higher-power-being (HPB) believers reject formal religion. They reject the Bible and it's teachings. They may keep some like "love your neighbour" and most believe in a Heaven even if they don't believe in a Hell.

For the purposes of this post we'll refer to higher-power-being believers as HPBBs, and we'll define them as people who believe in some higher power like God, but reject formal religion.

I'm not sure why HPBBs reject formal religion. A common excuse is "too many hypocrites". (Yet there's plenty of hyprocrites in other areas, yet they don't avoid those.) Some reject the Bible because "what does a 2000 year old book have to do with today" or something else about how the Bible is irrelevant because of who wrote it, or something. Actually, why they reject formal religion is irrelevant to my point.

Now, this HPB is obviously an intangible being. It can't be directly observed by any of our five senses. So, these people are left to their own intellect to try to figure it all out.

But what gets me about that is that most people, left to their own devices, can't even figure out how to assemble a home stereo system, with our without the instructions! How are they supposed to figure out this whole God/spirituality thing?

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