Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm the Alpha-Geek

According to Today's article I am probably surging with rugged, masculine testosterone.

No, I did not watch my team kick butt in the SuperBowl. I did the winning myself. Not in football either.

See, a few of the guys at work decided play Risk, or Napoleon Risk to be exact, during the lunch hour. (The hall in which we reserved a room had three meeting rooms. Today the games down that hall were: Risk, Euchre, and Pictionary.) Near the end of the hour we'd all write down how many armies we had in each territory, and what cards we had so we could resume later.

To add to the excitement, and to shorten the games, we play Mission Risk. Now, this does not involve setting up Missions in the third world territories. Instead there are certain missions like "Take over Russia and Italy." Once you achieve your mission, you win the game. Nobody knows what anybody else's mission is.

My mission was to take over 21 territories and have at least 2 armies in each. After several sessions I achieved this goal. And, after reading today's article I could just feel my testosterone surging, and theirs plummeting.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this article, we have played two other games. I won both. Apparently, I am the Alpha-Geek. :) It looks like someone set up them the bomb, and as a result all their base are belong to me.

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