Monday, July 02, 2007

Fridge Update

I think it's time for another McQueen update.

If you've been keeping up with the amount, and placement of fridges and freezers in their house, you probably either: 1. Live here, or 2. have no life.

I live here.  So I'll catch you up.

The McQueen's had a fridge in the kitchen.  This fridge had no freezer component.   But it's a nice, big fridge.

They also had a second fridge in the garage.  This fridge wasn't doing very well.  It had a freezer component, but it wasn't very big.  The seals on the door were breaking.  This caused the fridge to demand lots of juice from the power company.

The third fridge was also in the garage.  But it was really bad.  The fridge part was not noticeably working.  The freezer part, which was small, was operating as a fridge.

A fourth fridge was in the basement.  I kept water and pop in this fridge.  It worked fine.  It was dirty though.  This fridge had the best freezer in the house, and it was used to freeze things (as freezers are wont to do....except in this house).

Also in the basement was a deep-freeze which, if you remember, does not work.

Edgar is still dead.  Jack is at a cross-roads.

The McQueens decided to buy the freezer unit that matches the kitchen fridge.  The delivery people came by last week to drop if off.  As part of the deal they took all our fridges and freezers, except the one in the kitchen.  Now we only have the two.  It's a matching set.

In order for them to take the fridges away, we had to empty them out.  The fridge in the basement had lots of stuff in it.  Stuff we haven't used in a long time.  The McQueens took the stuff out and, for the time being, left it on a shelf in the basement.  There was no room in the main fridge.  It got really hot down there.  Now that stuff is no longer fit for consumption.

So I dumped it down the toilet.  I wasn't as discriminating at this as I should have been.  The contents of the toilet quickly became quite opaque.  I didn't always know what I was pouring in the toilet.

Eventually I put something in that had some chicken bones.  This ended up clogging the toilet, causing Pastor Jack and I to use a plunger to get them out.

This process also caused an absolutely foul odor  to fill the washroom.  After several flushings and some washings, a faint remnant is still can still be detected.

So, now I'll leave you with a picture.  Click to enlarge, if you dare.

McQueen's Toilet