Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Holiday I Won't Get

How would you like a statutory holiday in February? I know I would. As today's article explains, if you live in Ontario, and if the Liberals get re-elected this October you may well get one.

Or, if you're like me, you live in Ontario but work in Quebec you will be met with the royal shaft this February. All the kids won't have to go to school on that day.

Being February, there will probably be a blizzard that day. Pastor Jack, Wendy, and Robin will stay home, sleep in, have snowball fights, hide out in their respective snow forts, followed by sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows by the fire. The buses will run on a holiday schedule forcing me to drive in. And since I live 3.2 parsecs away from work I won't want to drive in that day because of the blizzard. So I'll have to call in sick. But since everyone at work knows I live in Ontario, they'll assume I just want the holiday.

Of course the Liberals might not be re-elected. Or if they do, they might not keep that promise. My contract is over before February. If I'm not extended then that'll be just another day I can enjoy my unemployment. If I still am working here I actually hope to take my vacation time in February. I actually like coming into work during the summer. But I hate leaving the house in the dead of winter. So there are many ways it may work out for me.

One of the main lessons I picked up in college is that some days you get the elevator, and some days you get the shaft.


Anonymous said...

"Or if they do, they might not keep that promise."

Dalton not keep his promises. Say it isn't so! Now, if he has too actually keep a promise and have some character, that would be shocking indeed.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to get the impressions that we Canadians want one holiday a month....why not? If every one took Sunday off like they should then they could have one holiday a week...another thought...