Monday, September 24, 2007

I've Been There....It's a Real Dump

In a recent post I mentioned the acquisition of a new appliance from a dump. I have a feeling that a number of my readers think this to be an odd practice. Why would someone throw something out unless there was something wrong with it?

When I moved from the Sault to Ottawa I knew I couldn't take much of my stuff. In fact all I could take was four Saturn Ion loads. Saturn Ions, unlike Jettas, are not very spacious.

I couldn't take anything big. I was able to take my books, CDs, and DVDs. I could take my desktop computer and my laptop. I could take some odds'n'ends. I could take the contents of my filing cabinet. I could take my stereo. I could take my golf clubs and guitars. I took one lawn chair.

I couldn't take my filing cabinet. I couldn't take anything from the kitchen, except the microwave. I couldn't take my TV. I couldn't take my bed. I couldn't take my desk. I couldn't take more than one lawn chair. I couldn't take my office chairs. I couldn't take my dresser. I had to get rid of those things.

I sold my TV, a 27 inch Panasonic. It was only about 3 years old. The DVD player was a 5 disc player. When I sold the TV I threw the DVD player in with it. Without a TV I didn't need a DVD player.

I was able to give my book shelves, some chairs, and filing cabinet to some friends. However, I had a desk that was only about a year and a half old. It was a nice desk. I couldn't take it.

My bed was a single-sized bed. I couldn't give it away. It easily came apart for convenient storage in a basement or spare room. No one would take it. I donated my couch and chairs to the church.

If I had a truck I could have taken some of these perfectly good things to the dump. However, if I had a truck I could have brought these perfectly good things to Ottawa.

En tout les cas. That's my story. That's just one scenario which could lead someone to throw perfectly good things away.


Anonymous said...

Its not the idea of donating things to the dump...its the idea of picking things up from the dump that is a little more weird...dumps are where rats live...mice live...bugs live...ok I will stop...

Andrew said...

There's rats in hospitals. What's your point?