Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm an Artist Too (57)

This guy is about to be eaten by a python and a crocodile.


Craig said...

Please, do enlighten me on the inspiration of todays work.

Thank you.

P.S. I was playing Catchphrase with my sister and some of her friends.
If you haven't played before, its kindof like Taboo where you have to guess the word while I describe it.

My description: "a domicile on an agricultural property"

What was the word.

Andrew said...

The morning I drew that I was sitting beside this lady on the bus on the way into work. She was reading Reader's Digest. She was reading a story about this kid who was nearly killed by an anaconda.

Now, I hate snakes. But when I got to work I did some googling on anacondas. I came across and article where this guy was in a pick-up with his buddies. His buddies parked the truck and left for a little while. This guy stayed in the box of the truck and took a nap. When his buddies returned there was this big snake in the truck with a huge lump, and this guy was gone. The snake ate him. The article either said it was an anaconda, or a python, but a comment said it was the opposite.

I started looking at other reptiles on the net. And the next thing you know, I was drawing it.

As to your word....I'd have to say a farm-house?

Craig said...

wow. bizarre. Never heard anything like that.

As for the word, yes it was farmhouse. Gosh. What are they teaching our kids these days?!