Monday, August 04, 2008

My New Hobby (Part 2)

Long time blog readers will remember that I've decided to get my pilot's license. It's time for an update.

Things are coming along really well. When I first started, I was flying a Cessna 150. 150's are thought of as "tin cans with wings." On one hot and humid Saturday, the instructor and I were not able to get off the ground in the 150. It was then that I decided to switch to the Cessna 172.

My next flight went really well. We flew to Ottawa MacDonald Cartier International Airport to practise flying in a control zone, and runway switches. When we went back to Rockcliffe, we did a simulated engine failure in circuit. I managed to put the plane down on the runway.

About a week ago I got my Student Pilot Permit. Then I had my (second) First Solo earlier this week. (I have 14 hours of solo flight time logged from my days at Sault College, so this isn't a real First Solo, but it's still an accomplishment.)

Here's a picture of my First Solo landing:

Here's my checklist of things I must do before I'm finished with my goal of obtaining a PPL:

  • Get a valid CAT III medical

  • Register with Rockcliffe Flying Club.

  • Buy study materials

  • Write PSTAR (The written prerequisite for a Student Pilot Permit)

  • Write the Transport Canada written exam

  • Do flying exercises
    • Do Pro-solo exercises

    • Do first solo

    • Do post-solo exercises
      • Circuit exercises

      • Steep Turns, Slow Flight and Forced Approaches

      • Forced Approaches

      • Precautionary landings

      • Diversions

    • Do dual cross-country to Cornwall

    • Do solo cross-country to Cornwall

    • Do dual cross-country to Kingston

    • Do solo cross-country to Kingston

  • Pre-Flight Test

  • Pass Transport Canada flight test

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Look like you are well on your way.

P.S. Nice Landing