Monday, August 25, 2008

No Food, No Place To Sleep

We had one of the biggest thunderstorms of the year yesterday. We lost power in the afternoon before I got home, and didn't get it back until about 8:30 that evening.

Earlier in the day, Robin decided she needed to paint her room. If the paint was still wet at bed time, she'd probably sleep in Jane's room. It's not good to sleep in a room with wet paint. The fumes aren't great for you.

As the paint was drying, Jack called home telling us we were having a guest. There's this guy who's raising money for charities by biking across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax. He calls ahead to churches to see if there was someone in each stopping point who could take him in for a night. When he got to Ottawa, we took him in. Unfortunately, due to various communication issues, we didn't have as much advanced notice as we would have liked.

Ever since the McQueens rearranged the house, we're not as able to take in guests as we used to. The living room, which had a very nice couch for sleeping on, was turned into an art studio. The basement, which used to be mine, is now Bruce's. It has also been converted into something of a den. The basement now contains the nice sleeping couch from the former living room. But the basement isn't the greatest place to put a guest. Robin's room, with the wet paint, isn't the greatest place for anyone to sleep.

My room is in no shape to house a guest. Especially on such short notice.

So, we have this poor guy, who's been on the road for over 3 weeks, coming to stay at our house for a night. We have no place to put him to sleep. We have no power to cook dinner. Luckily, Wendy made chicken before the power went out. By the time Jack and the cyclist got home and sat down for dinner, the chicken was cold!

Ahhhh, just another day in the life with the McQueens.

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