Monday, November 17, 2008

My New Hobby And An Old One

It is now November. The days are getting shorter. The weather is starting to get worse. When it precipitates, it could be snow, hail, freezing rain, or a mixture. As this becomes the norm for the next few months I won't be doing any flying. The days are too short for me to fly after work. I've decided to study for the Private Pilot's written exam.

Studying for the written exam is like being back in school. There's reading, note taking, memorization, and the information I'm memorizing has a loose connection to something in reality. After learning to actually fly an aeroplane, this book stuff is pretty boring.

In doing this studying for my new hobby, I've discovered an old hobby I had when I went to school: procrastinating. When I finished school a couple of years ago I stopped watching TV. I stopped watching movies. When people would ask me "What shows do you watch?" I'd say "I don't watch TV. I'm too busy living." People would talk about computer/video games. Same thing. I didn't play those games. I was too busy living.

Now that I have studying to procrastinate from, I'm watching TV again. I saw three movies this weekend. I've even started playing video games again. I've beaten Zelda; the first and second quests. I'm working on Link. I've rediscovered Spy vs. Spy. I've even cleaned my room! Twice! That hasn't happened since I was in chemistry!


craig said...

I marked this post as humorous.

Andrew said...

Really? I don't see my "funny" counter has increased.