Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm An Artist Too (89)

This guy is saying "Don't erase me,bro! mate!

Today's post requires a bit of explanation.

In discussing my "Don't *aze me, bro!" series of Coffee Cup Art, a friend from Australia suggested "Don't erase me, bro!" I said "But 'erase' doesn't really rhyme with 'taze'." She said it did. I showed the rest of her family an eraser and asked them to tell me what it was and what it was used for. I also asked other Canadians.

Indeed, the Canadians pronounced "erase" like it rhymes with "lace", and the Australians pronounced it like it rhymes with "taze".

So, I decided to do draw it as an homage to Australia. The guy being erased is saying "mate" instead of "bro."

While standing in Canada I tend not to lean at all. My angle with the Earth is pretty much exactly 90 degrees. Therefore, Canada must be at the very top of the globe. Australia is on the opposite side of the globe as Canada. Therefore, Australia must be at the very bottom of the globe. Therefore I assume they must all walk around upside-down. I don't know how they don't fall off the planet. Magnetic boots, perhaps? Perhaps it's some evolutionary thing? Dropping things must suck because whatever you dropped would just fall off the Earth and into space.

I kid! I kid! I went to school in Canada! Not the USA! (Ba-Zing!)

Actually, the worst thing about drawing this one upside down was the lap full of scalding hot coffee I received. Looks like it's time to sue.

I kid! I kid! I'm from Canada! Not the USA! (Ba-Zing!)

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