Monday, December 29, 2008

Dance, Monky! Dance! - Part II

A little ago I wrote about my family's non-materialistic Christmas this year. Today was that day.

It started out the same as usual. We had our Christmas morning brunch. We did the Advent Wreath and devotional. Then we moved into the living room to unwrap Christmas presents.

I know I said we weren't doing presents this year. And we really weren't. Many of these presents were just chocolates, or books, or DVDs that were on sale wrapped or stuffed into gift bags.

To contrast, here's last year's Christmas tree:

And here is this year's:

Then came the highlight of the day: Dance, Monkey! Dance! My dad played "Silent Night" on the piano. It was the first time he played the piano in many years. He played with both hands. That's beyond my skill level.

My mom played a couple of tunes on the bells. She did a good job too.

My brother played a song from Sound of Music. I don't think I can pronounce it. And I certainly can't spell it. He learnt to play it by ear. He's really good at that.

My sister will cook us a meal soon.

I unveiled my piece of "art." Normally I would show this on my Coffee Cup Art series. But here it is:
The rough-looking character is saying "I'm the angel in the Christmas Play. Yous got a problem wit dat?"

And that was out Christmas. We all enjoyed not having to run around doing Christmas shopping.

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