Friday, August 18, 2006

The Family Vacation

A while ago the McQueens packed up and took a vacation. I didn't go with them. In fact, I wasn't even at their house when they returned. I was house sitting for someone else. (It follows that the next few blog stories I wasn't there for, so I'm relaying what I've heard.)

I'll give you a guess as to what happened when they went on vacation.

That's right. Car troubles. Even though they had the cars checked out before leaving, that didn't stop the car from acting up. While driving through Toronto, Jane was driving the Intrepid. She recalls "Even when I had the petal to the metal I couldn't get the car past 80kph."

Pastor Jack also told me they had to get the brakes fixed while away.

But, all in all, they had a good family vacation. They all got plenty of rest.

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