Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Getting Colder Out

I got home from work the other day to find the fridge that had been in the garage was now in the kitchen, and the fridge that had been in the kitchen is in the garage.

It seems the McQueens acquired a dolly to move the fridge. I was not there for this fridge-moving adventure. I assume using a dolly would be a heckufalot easier than putting the fridge onto a rug and dragging it across the floor like we did with the last fridge-move.

But it's nice to have a "full-sized" fridge, with a freezer right in the kitchen. Of course, I use the term "full-sized" loosely. The fridge is still small. The last fridge didn't fully work. The fridge part didn't work at all. The freezer part only partially worked, making it the fridge part. Our "fridge" was smaller than a bar fridge. And this was for a house of seven! This fridge works, it's just a little small for a house of seven.

Of course, brother Jack has moved home, and Jane is soon leaving for school.

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