Friday, November 23, 2007

Facebook Grievances

Today's article tells us of common Facebook grievances. They include posting pictures of yourself with uglier people to make yourself seem more attractive, using the relationship status option, "stealing" friends, requesting Facebook friends that you have never met in real life, and more.

My only real grievance is how some people write things on people's wall that are better left for private messages. Some people seem to lack discretion in that area.

That's why my Facebook wall has been turned off. I had turned it on at one point, but only took a couple of weeks before someone wrote something on it that should have been private.

Yes, I know you can delete wall messages. But There are some days I can't check Facebook. So a private message can exist on wall for a day or two before it's deleted. Yet, the message shows up on other people's news feeds almost right away. It's just easier to turn access to my wall off.

If I can figure out how to exclude individual people from writing on my wall, without deleting them as a friend, I'll probably turn it on again.

In the meantime, if you want to send me a message, either send me a Facebook message, leave a comment on my blog, MSN me, or best of all, email me.

I found a way to turn your wall on, but to not let certain people have access to it:
  1. Turn your wall on.
  2. Give your offending friends access to a "Limited Profile".
  3. In the "Limited Profile" settings, turn wall access off.
This prevents some people from seeing your wall.

You're welcome.

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