Monday, November 12, 2007

Good Job

Today I have a question for all of this blog's readers, or anyone who happens to stumble across this post.

What would you say makes a job a good job, or a bad job? I'm not talking about performance, like "Good job out there, son!" I'm talking about jobs as in career-type things.

What was your best job? Why?

What was your worst job? Why?

Leave a comment (anonymous or otherwise), email me, or talk to me in person. I'm just interested in how people see a job as being a good job or a bad job.


Melissa said...

whoa, I so totally was leaving a comment on this post yesterday when, after typing about 3 paragraphs, I stepped on my cat and spilled hot tea all over my keyboard. Apparently, you're not supposed to do that. Who knew?

Melissa said...

oh yeah....

Best job ever was when I had a paper route when I was a kid/teenager. Work less than an hour a day for pretty decent money. And the Christmas bonus was amazing. Make your own hours and get your mom to do a lot of the work and keep all the money for yourself = one great job. :)

When I got older and got a "real" job, I realized they can't all be that fun. There's too much politics and crap and gossip and junk in literally every job today. And, instead of getting a nice wad of cash, I am handed a gift basket of stuff I don't want, or a turkey, or a $20 gift card, or some other amazing token of appreciation.

Haha, I'm so cynical. Actually, worst job I ever had was some summer during the college years when I worked for a temp agency. I got placed in this weird company, still not sure what they do. But I worked as a duplicator and had to work little white gloves and fed transparencies into a machine all day, usually to be handed back to me later saying they were done wrong. It was torture and the days dragged on and on. Only good thing was very very casual dress code.

This very long comment is to say the things that make a great job are: great $$$, great hours, great dress code, great employer, great coworkers, great Christmas bonus, easy work, etc etc etc. I think I'll go back to delivering papers....