Monday, November 26, 2007

A Good Use For An Extra Dimension

Sometimes you need to schedule events pretty far in advance. By the time the event is to happen you've forgotten all about it. Thanks to computers we have a solution. You put that event in a calendar program, like Outlook, Google Calendar, KCal, or Apple's iCal. You can also use a PDA, an iPod, a cell phone, or if you're a geek like me, your watch.

When the event approaches, the program reminds you. You can usually tell the program to either send you an email, open a pop-up reminder, ring a bell, etc.

This works very well for events, but not for physical things. Someone just sold me a ticket for a draw that won't happen for another 4 months. I will likely loose the ticket, or forget about the draw. I would like to be able to put this ticket in a place where I won't see it again until the day before the draw.

Wouldn't it be neat if scientists could develop a way to use one of the other 7 or so dimensions some predict our universe might be made up of? We're only exposed to three. Some people argue that time is a forth. I could just stuff my ticket into the fifth dimension, for example, and take it out at the appropriate time. Of course, this will still allow me to forget about it. It would be better to put it some kind of space-time warp where I could send it to the future. From now until the the before the draw date, the ticket wouldn't exist. Then suddenly, on that one day *puff!* there's my ticket!


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