Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm An Artist Too (81)

The sky is saying to the smoke stacks "Don't haze me, bro!"

Extra Credit: Can anybody tell me what today's picture makes reference to?

HINT: Here's another picture, from a better angle.


craig said...

Algoma Steel

craig said...

okay, is that a beaver flying over the smoke stacks?

Andrew said...

No, and no. It's a pig.

I guess soon I should post the answer to the question.

craig said...

i remember the scene from the simpsons, but don't remember the context.

Andrew said...

The scene was Homer's BBBQ when Lisa became a vegetarian. (The extra B in BBBQ was for BYOBB. The extra B in that was a typo.)

Lisa pushed the pig-on-the-spit down a hill with a tractor. Homer and Bart chased after the pig. It flew past the nuclear power plant just after Mr. Burns promised to give money to a orphanage when pigs fly.

The pig flew. Mr. Burns still didn't give any money to any orphanages.

And none of that has to do with today's coffee cup art.

Another hint. It has nothing to do with The Simpsons.

craig said...

from the Pink Floyd concert where they sent a flying pig up during the song Sheep.

Has to be.

Andrew said...

Craig, you're getting oh-so-close. Yes, it does have to do with Pink Floyd, and the pig.

I will have a full post with an explanation next Monday (October 6), 2008).