Monday, September 29, 2008

The Vacuum Sucks Hard Again

The McQueen's house has one of those central-vacuum systems. The machine part is in the garage. Covered holes are located throughout the house. When you plug the vacuum hose into one of those holes, the circuit is closed, the vacuum turns on, and you can clean the house.

All the holes must me covered for the vacuum to work. If a hole is uncovered, the vacuum pressure is divided between that hole and the vacuum hose. The suction is reduced.

A while back, one of the covers for one of the holes fell off. In order to rectify the situation, the McQueens found a hand-puppet of a bear. The bear had a big head. They stuck it—body first—into the vacuum system hole. This didn't work 100%. But it was good enough.

Then, one day, Robin's boyfriend, Arthur, mentioned he had an extra wall hole with a cover. (I don't know what you call those things.) He came over one day and replaced the old hole with the new one.

And the vacuum sucks hard again. Thanks very much Arthur.


craig said...

I wonder: how many people have those things just lying around?

Arthur said...

We put in a central Vac a while back and had one left over... so I'm going to answer the question with: probably only vacuum installers and me...

Andrew said...

That's flipping awesome! 2 characters from my blog commenting, using their pseudonyms, on the same post!

Arthur, meet Craig. Craig, meet Arthur.