Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Cold Winter

Last week a major cold-front moved across Ottawa. One day, it was so warm you could barely sleep. The next night it was so cold I needed two duvet covers on my bed.

"Why would one need two duvet covers on one's bed?" you ask.

"It's cold in my room!" I answer.

"Turn up the heat," you suggest.

"I can't!" I answer.

"Why not?" you ask.

"Read today's blog," I answer.

For, you see, the story goes back to the summer. When the McQueens were on their family vacation, on the day they were to come home, when I got up in the morning, I came downstairs to a loud humming noise. I tried looking for where the noise was coming from. Every time I felt like I was getting closer, the noise would stop.

After a while, the noise would return, and I'd start my search. Eventually, my search took me to the basement, then to the furnace. The loud hum was coming from the furnace. This is upsetting because, as long-time blog readers will remember, the McQueens had their furnace fixed last December. In fact, the motor had to be replaced. Now, something is wrong with it again.

When the McQueens got back from vacation, they heard the hum. When they found the source, they turned the furnace off. That was at the beginning of August. The hum went away. The house was kept warm by this big, blazing ball of fire in the sky.

Until earlier this week when it got cold.

One day, as I was sitting in my room, Jane walked into my room with a duvet cover and threw it on my bed, and told me "You're going to need this. The furnace is broken, and it could be a while before it gets fixed."

Even though its starting to get cold at night, I'm not that worried. The furnace will be fixed soon. I think I have a higher tolerance for cold than most other people in the house. I figure that others will put the pressures on the powers-that-be to get the furnace fixed before it really bothers me.

Until then, I have my two duvet covers, and a third one waiting to go.

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