Saturday, July 08, 2006

Don't Mow My Lawn

When I first moved in with theMcQueens in September of '04 they had a ride-on lawnmower. It was a cool looking machine. Robin used to mow the lawn. She would ride around on it. She would have fun with it.

Then, soon after I moved in the mower broke. One of the belts in the engine broke. Now, if you remember previous blog posts, this was the time that the cars were breaking down. Plus it was when Craig and I moved down. Life was busy. When life gets that busy in September, a broken-down lawnmower falls down the priority list.

The grass grew.

It soon started to snow. Then I went back to the Soo. I came back down to Ottawa in April. The snow had melted. The grass was long. They hadn't fixed the lawnmower yet. They checked out hardware stores for replacement belts, but to no avail. The stores didn't have belts the right size.

After a while of the lawn had gotten really long. The above-ground pool started to look like an in-ground pool. They borrowed a lawnmower from one of Robin's teachers who lived in the area. They continued to use that lawnmower for that summer.

In September, I moved back to the Soo for eight months. I returned the following May. They were still using the borrowed lawnmower.

Thankfully, they managed to buy a used lawnmower. It's a pretty nice mower. It's a maulcher. They returned the borrowed lawnmower. Apparently, it broke down soon after it was returned. (Or maybe it was that the owner's other mower had broken down...I forget.)

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