Monday, July 03, 2006

The Pool Party Continues

Yesterday, when I came home from work the pool looked different. Instead of a clear-blueish colour, it looked darker. I was informed that a bunch of the sand from the filter was spewing into the pool. So, the McQueens decided to go to the pool store and find out what's going on with it.

Somewhere on the filtering unit is an O-ring. Or at least, somewhere on the unit was an O-ring. Apparently, these O-rings are pretty popular and pool stores generally have them in stock. But not this store. Not today.

So the McQueens left the pool store to go to another pool store. It was closed. (What kind of a pool store closes on a Saturday morning in June? You'd think that would be prime business time for them.)

There's another possibility. There's this pipe that goes down into this big tank which is filled with sand. The pipe them has a number of smaller "finger" pipes that protrude. One, or more, of those fingers may have broken. But if you tip the tank over to see, then you risk busting even more fingers by the weight of the sand. So you have to scoop the sand out first. But the hole is really small.

So, Pastor Jack wen outside with a plastic tea-cup to start scooping. I'm soon taking off into the city to get some undisturbed chem. study time. It will be interesting to see the progress he makes by the time I get back.

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