Friday, July 14, 2006

Should I Stay, Or Should I Go

I'm at a crossroads right now. I am working at completing my final course, chemistry. When I finish that course, Algoma University will owe me a three year bachelor of science degree with a computer science major.

Now, if I take eight more classes (technically seven, but one of them is a full year course, and might as well be two classes) then I can get a four year bachelor of computer science degree.

What I want to know from you, my faithful readers, is do you think it's worth it?

Here's some extra facts that may play into your advice:

  1. I'm now 28 years old, and I want to get on with my life.

  2. I have a three year Computer Engineering Technologist's diploma.

  3. I have two years working experience at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources where I did some database design and maintenance work (in Access), some software testing, and a bit of programming.

  4. I worked for Point of Presence technologies programming and doing database work for about a year.

  5. I have two years experience doing web site programming (HTML/CSS/Perl) with the federal government.

Furthermore, the way the schedule is at Algoma this year, I would have to do 6 courses in the fall semester, and two in the second. I would also be holding onto my job and working at it for 15 hours/week.

Do you think it's worth it? Or should I stick with the three year degree and be happy with that?

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