Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Cars - Part 2

A week or two after the Slippery Pete incident, Pastor Jack had opportunity to get a 2000 Intrepid. But he had to go to London, Ont. to get it. He was able to get a ride to London with somebody, and he would drive the Intrepid back.

It was also discovered that Craig and I could catch a bus at the Vars/Emrun exit that would take us downtown. We could transfer to another bus that would take us to work. The bus would get to our stop at 6:20 in the morning. This meant that I would get up at 5:15 and Craig would get up at 5:30. We would leave the house at 6:00. The drive to the bus stop is about 20 minutes. This would mean that Craig and I wouldn't be overloading the car on the trip into the city.

The morning that Jack was going to London to get the Intrepid he was going to drive everyone to work and school. After work Craig and I would go to the church, which is where the car was, and pick everyone up and drive them home. However, just before they got to Wendy's work, a tire blew out on the Ford. They put the donut on and got the thing to Canadian Tire. The attendant asked if they would like an oil change. Jack said something about having time, and said "Go ahead and do the oil change."

So he and Bruce sat down and waited. After about 45 minutes Jack was wondering what was taking so long. He got up and asked, and it turns out that the attendant misheard, and thought he said "Don't change the oil."

However, the tire was changed, Jack went to London and got the Intrepid, and the McQueens had two cars once again. Craig and I had free run of the Taurus. But at this point I was getting a little nervous about taking it anywhere or depending on it in any way.

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