Monday, May 15, 2006

The New Car

After getting the Intrepid, and loosing the Taurus not much happened with the cars for the rest of the semester. Well, packing 5 people into the back was interesting, but the Intrepid has held up pretty well.

Soon after I left for the Winter semester, they got into 3 accidents. The first one involved getting rear-ended, which caused minimal damage to the car, but caused most of the family to get well acquainted with the local chiropractor for months to come.

The second accident involved an icy corner, and a relatively shallow ditch. That was more of a pain in the neck than anything else.

The third involved another rear-ending, but this time at a low speed. But when almost everyone in the car already has a bad back due to a previous rear-ending, it just compunds the problem.

Things seemed to have calmed down quite a bit for a while. The following summer, summer of 05, around mid-August they were given a Toyota Tercel. It was driven to the house by the previous owners, and the keys dropped off. When Pastor Jack, then later brother Jack, got in the car to try to start it, the key did nothing. The engine didn't even try to turn over. So, now we had to figure out what was wrong! We had the fool car for one day and it was already broken! It had been working. The previous owner drove it here, didn't they?

So after discussing this with Jack and Jack, and them telling me how it wouldn't start I, being a man (despite what Slippery Pete might think), had to give it a try myself. I went out to the car, put the key in the ignition, turned the key, and nothing. Hmmmmmmm..... I tried it again, and nothing. So I sat there looking at the dashboard, and I noticed an oval hole with three metal connectors inside, with a nub on the oval, and a red light above it. I noticed on the keychain there was an oval plastic thingy-deal with a nub on one side, and three metal connectors. It looked like the perfect fit. So I stuck the thing on the keychain into the hole in the dash for a second or two, and the red light went out. So I put the key into the ignition, turned it, and the engine came on. I drove around the block.

When I got back Jack and Jack were out on the front lawn wondering how I just did that! I jumped out and yelled "In your face, Slippery Pete!!!"

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