Monday, May 08, 2006

The Characters

Today I introduce the characters. (The names have been altered.)

I am Andrew McKay, the main character. I have studied aviation at Sault College. From Sault College I have graduated with a Computer Engineering Technician diploma, a Computer Engineering Technologists diploma, and I have been working, part time, on a B.Sc. in computer science from Algoma University.

Jack McQueen - The father of the family. Jack is a pastor of a Baptist church. He was the pastor of the church I attended in SSM for a few years, and that's where I met him.

Wendy McQueen - Jack's wife. She teaches a combined grade 5 and 6 class at a private school.

Jane McQueen - The eldest daughter. As of this post, she just finished her first year of Bible University.

Bruce McQueen - The only son of Jack and Wendy. He's just finishing high school. He goes to a high school that specializes in the fine arts. He is quite the talented artist.

Robin McQueen - The youngest daughter. She's just finishing her first year of high school.

Jack McKay - My brother.

Craig Kent - My roommate when I lived in the Sault.

Max - The McQueen's dog. It looks like a sheep dog.

Cerberus - The McQueen's other dog. Evil incarnate.

Craig and I met at church in the Sault. It was the Sunday morning when Pastor Jack announced his resignation. He had finished a few years of ministry there and got a calling to go to Ottawa. Craig had hardly gotten to know Pastor Jack at all before the McQueens left the Sault. He never did meet the rest of the McQueen family there.

After a couple of years Craig and I, both students at Algoma University, needed a roommate, so we got a 2 bedroom apartment in SSM. Only two months after moving in we each separately got job interviews for Coop positions within Social Development Canada. Craig is a Business major, and I am a Computer Science major. Both the positions we interviewed for were within the same team within Social Development Canada, a team called ITLS (IT Learning Services). He got the Admin. position, and I got the Web Programmer position.

It was purely coincidence that we were both going to be working together in Ottawa for the upcoming Fall semester. It was not planned that way. We were both excited to be moving to a new place, starting new jobs, experiencing new things. Craig knew almost nobody in Ottawa. I have extended family here (Ottawa), and for their last couple of years in the Sault, the McQueens became like family to me.

The McQueens had moved to Ottawa a year and a half before our coop terms were to start. They moved in the winter of 03. The term started in fall of 04. During that time I had visited the McQueens once, for Christmas of 03 for a few days. I kept in touch via phone and msn.

I think that's it for today. Next I'll commence with the stories.

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