Monday, May 29, 2006

Looks Like Craig's Going To Need A New Toothbrush

Before Craig and I were roommates I asked a previous roommate of his about him. (I had a string of less than ideal roommates and was skeptical of living with anyone else. Craig turned out to be a great roommate.) This previous roommate of Craig's told me "Be prepared to find his toothbrush anywhere; the living room, the kitchen, anywhere." (If that's the worst he had to say, then Craig would prove to be a good roommate.) The toothbrush was never an issue for me. It was only an issue for him. Once. But not when we were in the Sault. It was when we were with the McQueens.

Craig would always be brushing his teeth. A really good habit if you can get into it. But he didn't always leave his toothbrush in it's proper place. Not a huge deal around our apartment. But one time in Embrun he discovered his toothbrush had gone missing. He went looking for it for a while until Max came walking by with Craig's toothbrush hanging out of his mouth.

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