Thursday, June 01, 2006

This Really Sucks!

When I moved in with the McQueens, the house was really clean. The floors all looked nice. Everything was put away. Everything looked immaculate. What I didn't know was just how much work they had done to get the house looking that way, for they did not have a working vacuum cleaner. They have one of those systems where there are vacuum holes in various places on the walls. When you vacuum, you just hook the hose into one of those holes, the vacuum unit in the garage comes on and you can get to sucking up fallen bits of Max's hair.

Each one of those holes has a cover that's hinged on. When you want to use the hole you pull back the cover. Without the cover the vacuum gains pressure and the hose doesn't work effectively.

But the system was not functional. I'm not sure where the problem was. I think one of the tubes running through the wall to the vacuum unit in the garage was clogged...probably by bits of Max's and Cerberus' hair. But during the fall when Pastor Jack's father and brother were visiting, they and Craig got to working on fixing the problem. At the time I was busy making supper with Jane. After a few minutes they fixed the vacuum.

A short while after that, one of the aforementioned covers broke off. It had to be manually put back on every time they went to vacuum. While vacuuming the suction would hold the cover on. As soon as the vacuum turned off the cover would fall off.

And now it seems the vacuum isn't working again. And we seem to have lost our broom. Perhaps we could use Craig's old toothbrush?

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