Monday, June 19, 2006

The Strangest 48 Hours - Ever - Sort of

This past weekend started out as the strangest weekend I have ever experienced at the McQueen household.

When I got home on Friday after work I was informed a repairman had been to our house and fixed the washing machine and the oven! Hallelujah! Schaweet Canday!

On Saturday I was informed that the pool filter might not be as broke as we thought. See, the filtering agent is sand. Some of that sand appeard in the pool. If it's simply because the sand shifted, then perhaps we can shift it back, and the pool will be fixed.

However, the weekend did end on quite a normal note. Milk seemed to be going bad at an accelerated rate. Upon opening the fridge door I noticed I wasn't being hit with a small blast of cool air. Instead I was met with the pungent smell of something gone bad.

It was confirmed on Sunday night that the fridge was on the fritz. It's a good thing we still have the old fridge in the garage, and the other fridge in the basement. But still, those things are heavy and a pain in the neck to move. Oddly enough, the freezer part of the fridge is in good working order.

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