Saturday, June 17, 2006

Things Heat Up....Okay, Not Really

Soon after I moved in with the McQueens the element in the oven burnt out. Actually, a small piece of it fell off.

Great. So, now we're without an oven.

How the deuce are we supposed to cook? So, since I moved in we've been eating food that can be prepared on the stove-top; pasta, soups, burgers, etc. Fortunately, now that the summer months are upon us, we brought out the BBQ. Although, we haven't actually used it much.

We do have another oven in the basement. After moving the fridge around, I'm not sure I'm too keen on swapping ovens.

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hollymeister said...

we haven't had an oven for over a year now... it sucks... but you get used to eating stovetop things... we got a toaster oven too so we can cook small things like chicken nuggets and stuff. You'll survive. What is it with stuff there everything seems to be broken all the time.