Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Think Robin Mugged Me

A little while ago I wrote a post about our dinner system. This is an update.

I had declared the Tim Horton's mug for myself. A few times I had seen it in Bruce's shelf space, only to find out because someone had moved it there when sorting dishes and hadn't moved it back. Okay. Fair enough.

Then last night I saw it in Robin's place. She tells me she has commandeered it.


So I go downstairs to fish out an old Star Trek TNG mug with a picture of Lt. Com. Data on it. (Yeah. I'm a geek.) As everyone is sitting in the dinning room I poke my head in and ask "Do we have Star Trek mug in this house?"

"No" was the unanymous reply.

"Good, " I said as I entered the room revealing my mug. "This is my Star Trek mug with Lt. Com. Data on it. See? Now there will be no excuse. This is my mug, and no one else will have any claim on it."

(And, yes. I know I'm being petty. But I can't think of a witty conclusion.)

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