Saturday, May 13, 2006

Things Get A Little Hot Under the Hood

About a week after we got the Intrepid, as Craig and I were driving the Taurus to the bus stop, the engine temperature was rising and steam was coming out from under the hood. When we got to the bus stop I got out and opened up the hood and heard a loud hissing sound. It was really dark so I still couldn't see what was going on.

We decided to deal with it at the end of the day, so we went to work. When we returned to tbe bus stop late that afternoon we were able to see under the hood better. What had happened was that one of the pipes that carries the radiator fluid had sprung a leak. Therefor the engine was not being cooled. That was causing the engine to rapidly heat up. The fluid was shooting out the hole and hitting the engine. That's where the steam was coming from.

So, that night Jack, Craig, and I filled up several 2L pop bottles with water and drove out to the bus stop. We filled the radiator up with water. We drove back towards the house, having to stop every kilometer or two to let the car cool down, and fill it with more water. (The bus stop is about 12 km from the house.)

Eventually we got the car home. The next day or two the Taurus was taken to a local shop. When the mechanic applied a test to the radiator pipes, the other one sprung a leak. Shortly thereafter, the pipes were replaced with hoses, the radiator fluid was replenished. The McQueens were back to having two cars. Craig and I were growing cynical about the reliability of the Taurus.

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